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A Family tree is where lives unfold
A place of special stories told
Lifetimes of memories, that we hold dear
Some shall fade, not disappear
Seedlings planted in the Earth
Growing upward ganging girth
Limbs and branches filling out
Each new life a budding sprout
Some are stronger; some are weak
Yet every bloom remains unique
A tree blessed by God above
Ever cherished ever loved
Each generation growing strong
A place for everyone to belong
Mothers and fathers, and grandparents trust
Brothers and a sisters keeping in touch
Aunts, and uncles, and cousins galore
I don't think our branches could hold anymore
Our family is growing we're constantly blessed
With hopes for the future, lives filled with the best
Stories of our ancestors past
Will leave memories that will always last
This is why our tree will grow
Larger and stronger than we'll ever know
Through sharing and caring our limbs are secure
Through whatever tough times we may endure
The good, the bad, and sometimes sad
Make us think about what we have
Family that is always there
Especially in times of despair
Laughing, smiling, caring hearts
Is why our family will never part
We don't judge, we work things out
Even if there is sometimes doubt
Things could not be better than this
Good and bad times to reminisce
A family never to be outdone
Gathering together to have some fun
Staying in touch; building strong family ties
Will keep our tree growing, healthy trees never die.

The end

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Author: Sarah Steffen

Lynnette--permission granted for Rose image