Armed Forces Alumni Committee

The staff of Georgetown-RidgeFarm High School has initiated a district-wide project to honor former students, young men and young ladies, who are serving our nation in the Armed Forces. The committee has been formed in an effort to recognize all of the districts former students who are serving in the military.

Research has brought almost 50 names of "alumni" to the committees attention. Co-Chairwomen, Karla Starwalt and Betsy Oakes say "we have been forced to face the fact that these are very troubled and scary times in our world today and that our military personnel are at risk on a daily basis. We are proud of each and every one of these young people and of the commitment they have bravely made to this country of ours. We want them to know that we appreciate the sacrifices that they are making to safeguard liberty and its privileges for each of us here at home."

Betsy said their immediate goal was to make this a long-range project, not simply a one time acknowledgement. "We feel that the cards, letters, and care packages that we send to our armed forces alumni will be very important to them. For those away in a foreign land, this will be an opportunity for us to send them a little 'piece of America' and let them know that we are proud of them and they are in our thoughts and prayers every day. For those still at home bases or in the Guard/Reserves it will be a chance for us to let them know we also think of them daily. We are proud of them and appreciate that they are standing ready to be next to support and defend this proud county of ours." The slogan which has been adopted for this project is "The Land of the Free Because of the Brave."

Committee Members

Serving as Co-Chairpersons of the committee are: Karla Starwalt and Betsy Oakes. Committee members are John T. Smith, Sam Corbin, Kathy Ingram, Dorothy Lickfett, Keith Cohoon, Pam Rowe, and Ann Vogel. Organizations working with the committee are the Jr. Women's Club, American Legion Auxiliary, City Hall, Georgetown Fair Association and local church groups.

I would like to thank Karla, Betsy and the committee for their outstanding work on this project. Adding this to the Patriot Park and Monument in Georgetown, shows how much patriotism shines in my home town. Below you will see the wonderful poster boards hanging in the high school. If you haven't looked at them in person, you really should take time to visit and see how great they are!

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