Henry and Mary Alice Crook Sandlin family

Henry and Mary Alice Crook Sandlin-KY. and IL.

Some of this data is the work of others and could not be documented. A lot of my research is also undocumented. Here is a list of my other sources:

Family Bibles

Family Members

Census Records

Goldie Sandlin Hoskins, IL.

Hazel Owens, IN.

Mrs. Lewis (Maudean) Neill, Vt.

Pat Saupe, Moores Hill, IN.

Mary Ball Sandlin, Spencer, IN.

Earl Wayne Burns

Morris Sandlin

Mary Suzanne Johnson

Leon Morris

Col. E.B. Allen, KY.

Duane Allen, KY.

Nancy Brown, CA.

'Kentucky Ponders" book, 1983

Roots Web file

Roots Web file

Roots Web file

Last Will and Testament of Lewis Sandlin

Pape Mortuary database

Henry Sandlin

Henry farmed at Pence, IN., Allerton and Sidell, IL. He was 90 years old at his death.

There were conflicting stories on the name of Henry's mother, however, I believe his mother was Jennie Brewster West. Names I have for mothers are: Martha Ponder, Jennie Brewster, his obit states Sarah, although, that is wrong, I believe.

Henry's father, John K. Sandlin was married at least 3 times according to other family members. John K Sandlin, b 1824, had three wives. Martha Ponder m April 03, 1844, Jennie Brewster West m January 04, 1869 and Annie Murral Robinson, Aug. 19, 1904. I had a hard time finding the true mother to Henry, however, with the help of several people, and census records, I have now determined his mother was Jennie Brewster West.

John K. Sandlin's parents: Lewis B. and Sarah Kennedy Sandlin.

Lewis B. Sandlin's parents: William and Massey Green Sandlin.

Mary Alice Crook Sandlin

Mary Alice loved to fish and loved flowers. She was 73 years, 7 mos. and 3 days at her death. Her funeral was at the Baptist Church, Indianola, IL. Songs: "In the Garden" and "Little Brown Church".

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Henry and Mary Alice's Family

I have included the lines of some of the people who have helped contribute information.
It is impossible to list all descendants of Lewis B. and Sarah Kennedy Sandlin. I do have further info., in case someone would need further assistance, thank you.

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