Patriot Park and Flag Monument Screen Saver

For anyone who has not installed a screensaver before, here is how you would proceed:

1.) Click on link, but note what folder you save this file to.

2.) In windows explorer, find your file you saved, copy and paste into the windows\system folder.

3.) Then right-click on your desktop, select properties, screensaver tab, scroll till you find PatriotPark listed, then click apply, then OK.

That should do it for you! The reason I say, copy and paste, I like to save the file for back up purposes. **smiles** If you should have trouble with your download, you may email me and I can try to help you.

Please read the "readme.txt" before downloading, Thank you.   Click here for: Readme.txt file.

This is the Patriot Park Screen Saver in .scr format. 1500KB

Click here to Download for .scr format

Estimated Download Times
Modem Speed Minutes Seconds
28.8 Kb 7 6
56 Kb 3 39
ISDN (128 Kb) 1 30
T1 (1.54 Mb) 0 7
Cable Modem (10MB) 0 1

Old Glory - POW/MIA Flags

Flags used with permission and are copyrighted by Steve Scherr. Do not use without permission.

License Plate

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