CPL. Michael Gragert Jr.

Cpl. Michael W. Gragert Jr. left for Taji, Iraq, Jan 23, 2005. He is with the 3rd Infantry Division out of Ft. Stewart, GA. Michael works in communication and electronic repair.

Michael graduated in 1996, his wife is Jessica (Trosper), graduated in 1997, both from GRF High School. They have 2 sons, Brennen (6) and Camden (2). Jessica is an Army Veteran, also. She was finishing her advanced training in the Army when she and Michael got married in San Antonio, TX in 1998. When Jess was discharged from the Army, she was a combat medical specialist. Michael did all of his Army training in Georgia. He was stationed at Ft. Stewart while, he and his family lived off post in Hinesville, GA. Michael moved Jess and the boys back to Georgetown, arriving here Christmas Eve night, so they would have a home and be close to family while he is deployed. Michael will be home for a 2 week leave at the end of June and then back to Iraq for another 6 months. Michael is the son of Mike and Nora Gragert...and brother to Kelly Buford and Amanda Gragert.


Jessica says:      

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