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MO--Engr. Equip. Maint.

Bill was 19 years of age when he enlisted in the US Army, 19 July 1967- 17 July 1970. We had been married only 8 months when he left for the service. His basic training was spent at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. Vietnam Tour served 5 Dec 67---4 Dec 68, 169th Engineer Battalion at Camp Long Binh. I met Bill in Hawaii, Aug. 68, for his R&R. We spent some time with his buddy, Jim Thomazin, who was also at Long Binh. The week spent together went by so fast and Bill returned to Vietnam. Upon returning to stateside, Bill spent the remaining time of his service stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, BTRY A, 1st BN 3D ARTY, 2D ARMD DIV and A Co. 75th Rangers. We heard later in the year, that Thomas John Wilk, with whom Bill & Jim were stationed with at Long Binh, was killed, June 13, 1969, in Long Khanh, South Vietnam, Hostile Ground Casualty, Multiple Fragmentation wounds. "Little Tommy" as he was called, had extended his time in the service. Tommy's incident report is on the next page. Below you will see some old pictures during this time in our life.

Bill and Lanice 1998

Leave before VietnamBill in'NamBill in 'Nam

Jim Thomazin

BillKinkead's--Friends from Ft. HoodMarcums--Friends from Ft. Hood

Ted Lawson-Ft.Hood--Anyone know where he is now?

Patriot Park and Flag Monument

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