SPC. Erica Hundley

Erica decided in her Jr. year at High School that she wanted to join some aspect of the military. She wanted to make a difference. This is what Erica wrote in her own words.

"Why did I do what I did? Its like something inside me was telling me to do it. Like I had no control over myself. I find myself doing things that normal Americans do not do. I find myself in new places and adventuring into new things that I have never done before. I see things that many people will never see, I do things that many people will never do even in their wildest dreams. I have tasted, smelled, and touched new things. It is such an amazing feeling. Am I glad that I did it? Yes. Am I excited that I did it? Yes. So what else lies ahead in my future? I have no idea and THAT is why I did it. I live my life to the fullest everyday and live for the moment that I am in. So for now I have found myself dedicated to the United States Army!"

Erica did her basic at Ft. Jackson, S.C., July - Sept.'05. From there she went to AIT at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. She was at Camp Edgewood, Maryland, Sept. 05 - Jan.06. She came back home for about 8 days then flew off to South Korea, Feb. 9th 2006. Erica is coming home again Feb. 6th, 2007 for a short 7 day visit before heading on down to Texas. Congrats on the promotion and receiving the Army Commendation Medal!

Update of March 2008: SGT. Erica Hundley has been in the military for 31 months. She went to basic training as a private at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Then to AIT at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland where she studied to be a wheeled vehicle mechanic (63B). Erica was awarded a Certificate of Achievement (COA) for her assistance with a flag dissimilation while at AIT. Her first duty station was Camp Hovey, South Korea. She picked up her Private First Class (PFC) a few months after arriving to Korea and another Certificate of Achievement (COA) for earning Soldier of the Week. Erica was then promoted to Specialist on February 1, 2007. Along with her move from Korea to Fort Hood she was awarded an Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) from her commander in Korea. She arrived at Fort Hood, Texas towards the end of February 2007. One year later she was promoted to SGT, on February 1, 2008. Erica was awarded an Army Achievement Medal (AAM) and a Certificate of Achievement (COA) for a HAZMAT inspection that they received a 100% Passing score on. She is currently at Fort Hood, Texas working in a small motor pool with her other mechanics. SGT Erica Hundley is the daughter of Donnie and Tonya Hundley of Ridge Farm, IL.

We are a strong and loving family. with a Daughter who had to go. There are times we are terrified in a way most will never know. We bite our lip and force a smile as we watch our Daughter pack. Our hearts may break but we are proud our Daughter's got your back.!


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    Army Commendation Medal

We are so Proud of you Erica, and We love you.
Love Always,
Mom & Dad, Danielle and Jamie

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