Earl Dale Jenkins, Jr.----"Dale" as I remember him.


The above picture was taken in 1964 when Dale was a Sophmore in high school. I remember him as a very nice and friendly boy. He always had a smile for everyone.

This picture was of the F.F.A. Chapter in which Dale was a member in 1964. He is the one in the second row, 2nd from the right.


Dale was a Junior in 1965. I could not find other class pictures, I am assuming Dale dropped out of school and joined the service. I am hoping his family member will provide me with more information. How young Dale looks here, but then, lots of boys went to Vietnam and became a man before their time. But Dale did not return to his family and friends. Rest in peace.

Dale is in the back row, 3rd from the right. I don't remember Dale being in sports, or other school activities.

Please read Lou's, Dale's sister, tribute to her brother. Thank you, Lou, for being a part of this memorial for Dale. God Bless you.

Lou's tribute for Dale

"Goodbye Son"

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