Clint Ward in 1967 as a college student. Submitted by Michael Beggs

"Forgive me for being slow responding to your message. Sometimes it takes more courage than I can muster to look at some of these records.

Clint was sworn in as an Air Force 2nd Lt. on the day he graduated from Texas A&M University, May 27, 1967. He went to Webb Air Force Base near Big Springs, Texas to take one year of pilot training there.

He then went overseas and flew missions in the Vietnam War, earning The Air Medal for meritorous achievement while participating in aerial flight 21 December 1968 to 17 January 1969.

The Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism while participating in aerial flight 6 March 1969 (participation in the successful rescue effort for a fellow pilot downed by hostile fire).

The Air Medal for meritorous achievement while participating in aerial flight 13 January 1969 to 6 June 1969.

The Silver Star for gallantry in action 13 June 1969, The Purple Heart for wounds received in action.

His status was changed from MIA to KIA on 20 June 1978, " for the purpose of termination of pay and allowances, etc." He has not been accounted for even though our government was allowed to investigate the crash site of his plane about two years ago. The wreckage of his plane was found, but his body was not found or recovered. His plane was shot down early the morning of June 13, 1969, but our government was not allowed to go into Laos to look for the wreckage until about 2 years ago.

Clint is my only son. I had two daughters. The older one, Elizabeth, was killed in a car accident November 3, 1996, in Incline Village, Nv. Cassandra (Cassie) still lives there and has two sons, Joey (age 14) and Jimmy (age 8). My daughter, Liz, had a son who lives with his father near Elko, Nv. He is 13. His name is Clint also (named for my son). My husband, Neal, died May 10, 1992. I live in Citrus Heights, CA. In May of this year I will be 79 years old. I lived in Texas the first 55 years of my life.

I do want to thank you for the interest you have shown for my son, and the effort you put forth to make your website. If portions of my letter are not clear, just let me know . I look forward to hearing from you again."

Mary Ward

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Letter rec'd March 19, 2001
Thanks, Mary, for sharing your Clint with us. God Bless You.

"Neal Clinton Ward was my nephew--His mother Mary Ward is my sister....Clinton was always so polite and respectful of his elders..... I never really had a chance to be real close to him but was always proud of him..... I have visited the "Moving Wall" twice-- Once in Abilene, then at Brownwood, Texas.... It is a very emotional event and rightly so..... I am so thankful you folks have originated this web site...Also happy you honored Clinton with a web-page... Keep up the good work... I just hope and pray that Clinton knew we all loved him..."

My heartfelt thanks,
Winnie Dais
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Letter rec'd March 18, 2001

"Thank you, Lanice, for your e-mail on 2-15-01. I was overwhelmed to find such a warm and loving dedication to Clint. May I begin by saying that Clint is my first cousin. He was born a 5 years ahead of me. He was always busy building his future when the smaller cousins came around, as all of my older male cousins were back then. I fully believe that if he were physically here with us today, we would have come to know and love each other as adults and had the opportunity to spend funfilled days together at different family activities. It was not meant to happen that way though. I love Clint instead through my Aunt Mary's eyes and heart, therefore, I am lovingly protective of her privacy as well as the privacy of my cousin, Cassie. My genealogy research will surely include your site.

Thank you for the respectful way that you and your husband have honored Clint. All too often, mis-information is all that is available. So, I deeply appreciate the truthful way that you have strived to present the information provided to you. Links such as http://www.aiipowmia.com/ will give the general public a better knowledge of what occurred and where things stand.

I'll close by thanking you for participating the POW/MIA every February 1 http://www.powmiaff.org/blackout.html."

Louise Bates-- Waco, Tx
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Letter rec'd March 23, 2001

"Clint and I were members of UPT class 68-H at Webb AFB, Big Springs, Texas. We played softball together, I pitched, he caught. I was in Nam at Phu Cat flying C-7A's when he went down. A friend who visited the wall brought me a bracelet with his name on it which I wore for a long time. The class of 68-H has met for a 25th and a 30th reunion. Clint was remembered at both. He was a good friend and I have missed him."

Posted By:
George Spurger
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Relationship: We served together.

Permission granted April 19, 2001, Thank you, George.

"Clint was my childhood friend. I remember well how kind and considerate he was to everyone. When we were little, he earned money by filling a wagon with ice and soft drinks and delivering them to the many craftsmen building homes in our town, Pasadena, Texas. We were active in a community teen-age club, and I believe he was pretty much always the head honcho there, and every where else he went. He was just such a good guy! I'm a mother now, with a son living in Austin, and with my own daughter in Heaven. It warms my heart to know they're together, though they never met here. Thanks for your remarkable website and your dedication to our loved ones who gave our country their all. God bless you, and hello to Mary and Cassie."

Cheryn Ryan
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Email rec'd Nov.27, 2003

"Lanice, You are more than welcome to use my remarks about Clint. He was such a dear, dear fellow. My brother is here today, and we reminisced about the good ole days and Clint and I've emailed some mutual friends about your website, you may be hearing from more childhood friends of Clint. You may include my email address, I'd love to hear from Mary and Cassie. Thanks again, you're an angel." Cheryn

Email rec'd Nov.29, 2003

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