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"Dear Lanice,

My name is Peter Wilk and I was Thomas Wilk's cousin. Although I was only twelve years old when Tommy died, I feel I could add some to your search. Although it was many years ago, I can vividly remember my brother, David Wilk, standing gaurd next to Tommy's casket. David served in Vietnam at the same time as Tommy and your husband did and I later found out that a member of the military had to be present to stand gaurd during this time.

I remember all the family members were in shock at his death; only six months before he had come home for Christmas and, as we all stood around in my Grandmother's kitchen, everyone quietly remarked at how Tommy had changed, how he had matured and how he now seemed to be at peace with himself. You see, my brother often talked about how "wild" Tommy was during his adolescent and teen years. But now, he was changing into a man.

Let me say that your letter is quite accurate with most of the items. Let me address those next. First, as near as I can tell, the details of his enlistment, service and death are accurate. His place on The Wall is accurate. Tommy did, in fact, live in Fairview, which is a part of Chicopee. His father's name was Peter and his mother's name was Lillian. Tommy's parents are both deceased; his father some years back and his mother about 2 1/2 years ago. Tommy does have one brother, Richard Wilk (Richie). Tommy is buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetary in Chicopee along with his mom and dad.

I can't say I knew Tommy well. Our age differences made that quite difficult. But I do remember him. At that Christmas at my Grandmom's, he talked to me about how school was going. I remember thinking how "cool" he looked in his uniform. That was the last time I ever saw him. Thank you so much for your letter. I would like to stay in contact and provide you and your husband with whatever I can."

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Letter rec'd March 19, 2001


Tommy, taken before he left for service

Mt. Lake Resort, Chicopee, MA.

"Tommy, you were the cutest and nicest guy at the Lake. My parents, Terry and Jack, still speak of you. Remember the day I took this picture of you? It was the day you told me you were leaving for the service soon. It was cold. We took a walk down by the spillway, and everything was frozen, including the stream. When we walked back, I took your picture. The day Uncle Chet told me you were dead, I cried and cried. I put the picture in my wallet, and it's been there ever since. You were a great guy, a lot of fun, and it was my good fortune that you were my friend. God Bless You, Tommy. Miss you and will never forget you or take your picture out of my wallet."

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The above remembrance was left on Tommy's page at:  The Virtual Wall

Thank you, Sandy


Letter rec'd Feb. 16, 2001 from Sandy

"Your web page honoring Tommy is beautiful. What a great guy he was. Feel free to post the photo and my remembrance of him.

I took that picture in late 1967 or early 1968, at my uncle's business, a swimming place called Mt. Lake Resort. The place was open year round, and I worked there part time. Tommy used to hang out at 'the Lake". The jacket he was wearing in the picture was kind of new at the time I took the photo. It was brown corduroy with a sheepskin lining. I went out and bought one like it myself. I had a huge crush on him - I still remember how he always smelled of English Leather aftershave.

I never knew anyone else in Tommy's family. I moved from Chicopee almost 20 years ago, but it's still my home town, and I go home often. I do visit some of our mutual friends, and I promise to ask around next time I'm there. I seem to recall Tommy lived on Prospect St in Chicopee (Fairview is a part of Chicopee).

I'm happy to hear Tommy had a good friend in your husband. Most of us who knew Tommy knew very little about his tour of duty, and were surprised he extended his stay."


Remembrance left at:The Wall


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Lunchroom partners Chapin School

385 Apple River Court
Las Vegas, NV89148 USA

I have thought about you every day since your death. I have cried at St Stan's Cemetery, at the Memorial in front of the Chicopee Post Office, but I am not brave enough to visit the Wall. You will always be young, you will always be brave and you will always be in my heart. Kindergarden and having you as my lunch partner seems so very long ago. My memories of you, only as long ago as yesterday.
Love' Janas

Saturday, December 08, 2001


I also was in Vietnam with Tom Wilk. Tom, Henry(Bullwhip)Griffin and myself extended together and Tom came to the Earth moving platoon as a dozer operator. He was a good guy and there is not a day that goes by I don't think of him. I have one of the last pictures of him and it hangs in a place of honor in my home. Thank You, to all that help to keep Tom's memory alive.

Letter left in my Guestbook: April 21st 2003

Tommy Reynolds now lives in Lone Grove Okla. Thanks so much for the photos!

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Right to left Tom Wilk,Tommy Reynolds and Henry Griffin. These were taken in late May 1969 not long before Tom was killed on QL20.


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